Taiwan code Camp

become a full-stack web developer

Learn how to code by building real applications
in 8 weeks

Next Cohort Details

Dates: Feb 22nd – Apr 16th, 2021

Tuition Fee: 139,000 TWD 

Early Bird(10% off) Deadline:  Jan 22nd, 2021*
*Must complete first three steps of the enrollment process by early bird deadline.


"But my background is not related to tech..."

Whether your background is in finance, sales, marketing, operations, HR, non-profit, etc, you will be able to take this course. 

In 8 weeks, no matter your work experience, you will learn the fundamentals of building web applications using full stack javascript web technologies. 

Learning by doing.

Build some of the MOST POPULAR web apps.

Why learn JavaScript?

"JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language for the past 8 years."

- Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020

Most Commonly Used Programming Languages

JavaScript 67.7%
HTML/CSS 63.1%
SQL 54.7%
Python 44.1%
Java 40.2%
Bash/Shell/PowerShell 33.1%
C# 31.4%
PHP 26.2%
TypeScript 25.4%
C++ 23.9%
C 21.8%
Followed by: Go(8.8%), Kotlin(7.8%), Ruby(7.1%), etc

Curriculum designed to help you absorb information easily

Bite-sized Lectures

Concepts are broken down into bite-sized chunks and dispersed throughout the day so that everyone is on the same page.

Project-Based Learning

New concepts are introduced in the context of building a product so that it's easier to see how new concepts are applied.

Optimized Curriculum

We know remembering new knowledge is tough. The curriculum is structured so that you don't forget what you learned.

Technologies and Tools Covered













Digital Ocean




Node JS

Mongo DB

Wireframe / Mockup

VS Code

How We Are Different From Other Coding Schools

Taiwan Code Camp

Other Popular Coding Bootcamps

What does that really mean for me, right after finishing the camp?

Taiwan Code Camp

By the end of the 8-week program, you will be able to build a web application independently: front-end, back-end, launch the website online, and manage the server. 

You will be eligible for many web developer opportunities right after the bootcamp because you know how to build full stack web development using the most popular programming language being used in modern tech companies. 

Other Popular Coding Bootcamps

You will not be able to build a web application from start to finish, launch it on a server, and maintain it independently. 

You will not be eligible for the majority of web development positions because you learned a coding language that very few recruiters are looking for. You either need to fight harder for the minority of job availabilities or you spend extra weeks learning other languages to meet recruiters’ requirements. 

The Enrollment 4-Step Process

1. Apply Online

Fill out an application form and schedule a date and time for an interview.

2. Interview

This is where we get to know you better and you get to know us better.

3. Complete Challenges

Complete beginner-friendly online coding challenges within an allotted time period.

4. Admissions Letter

Wait for to hear back from us! You will hear back from us within 5 business days.

Time & Location


Monday to Friday (regardless of national holidays)
9:30 – 17:30 


Location will be confirmed end of January 2021 but it will be in this approximate area shown in the diagram. 

2021 Batches & Tuition Fees:

Feb 22nd – Apr 16th: 139,000 TWD

Jun 21st – Aug 13th: 149,000 TWD

Oct 18th – Dec 10th: 159,000 TWD

Unleash Your Career Potential


Get started on the enrollment process now and complete the first three steps by Jan 22nd, 2021 to receive 10% discount on the tuition.