Taiwan Code Camp: Learn & Create.

self-taught coding tuesdays

We meet every Tuesday 7-9pm. 

Follow online coding courses or work on your own coding projects.

When you’re stuck, you can ask others for help!

Our Mission

To empower you to actualize your ideas! You have likely seen problems you have observed or experienced in your professional field or daily life but you are missing the tech literacy or skills to make it happen. We want you to have the the tech skills needed to build websites. 

With more people contributing to the tech scene in Taipei, we can build up Taipei’s reputation and attractiveness as an international tech and startup hub. Because, let’s face it, Taipei is not one of the top 5 cities in Asia that comes to mind, but it definitely has the potential to be. 


Website Tracking by JamesHush.com @ Timeless

Website Monitoring by JamesHush.com @ Timeless

How to Make Faster and Environmentally-Friendly Website by Fershad.com @ Timeless

Build a Blog in 2hrs using Markdown and Gatsby by JamesHush.com @ Timeless

Setup A Modern Web Dev Environment by JamesHush.com @ Timeless

Design Airbnb Landing Page using Figma @ the Hive Taiwan

Wireframes, Mockups and Prototyping @ WeWork

Introduction to UI & UX @ WeWork

HTML and CSS Basics @ the Hive Taiwan

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