Alex M Chong's

Foundations of UX and UI Design
(Full Day Class and Workshop)

Whether you are interested in the field of product design, if you work with other designers on your team, or are just curious how design-thinking can enhance your own decision making skills for your business – this introductory course is for YOU!

Learn how to make strategic product decisions using the human-centered design approach, as well as techniques to create beautiful and functional interfaces for your users. This course will guide you through hands-on UX skills that you can immediately apply to your own respective fields. This course welcomes design newcomers, engineers, product managers, marketers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone looking to gain a base understanding of the professional practice of UX and UI design.

Part 1 (10:00-14:30)

  • Understand the role of UX in the product development cycle
  • The return on investment (ROI) of good design
  • Getting into the heads of your users to create a desirable product
  • Effectively communicating new product concepts with your team

Part 2 (14:30-18:00)

  • Analyzing what makes an interface beautiful and easy to use
  • Designing for different types of devices and their interfaces
  • Breakdown and leveraging different components of UI
  • How designers, product managers, and developers work together to deliver great products

Time & Location

Saturday June 5th, 10am – 6pm

Course Fees

Early Bird(by May 22nd): NT$2900
Regular: NT$3500
**10% discount for groups of four or more**
Note: Payment instructions will be sent via email.



Alex M Chong

Senior Product Strategist
& Design Educator

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to learning tech skills

Photos From Previous UI & UX Crash Courses

Here's what the participants have said about the workshop:

The instructors explain concepts well and share lots of real-world examples.

Easy to follow and get an overall picture, even for a beginner

Tangible methods to innovate and resources to learn further

The small group aspect, allowing for in-depth discussion

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