6-Hour UI & UX Design Crash Course

Whether you are interested in the field of product design, if you work with other designers on your team, or are just curious how design-thinking can enhance your own decision making skills for your business – this introductory course is for YOU!

Learn how to make strategic product decisions using the human-centered design approach, as well as techniques to create beautiful and functional interfaces for your users. This course will guide you through hands-on UX skills that you can immediately apply to your own respective fields. This course welcomes design newcomers, engineers, product managers, marketers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone looking to gain a base understanding of the professional practice of UX and UI design.

Day 1

  • Understand the role of UX in the product development cycle
  • The return on investment (ROI) of good design
  • Getting into the heads of your users to create a desirable product
  • Effectively communicating new product concepts with your team

Day 2

  • Analyzing what makes an interface beautiful and easy to use
  • Designing for different types of devices and their interfaces
  • Breakdown and leveraging different components of UI
  • How designers, product managers, and developers work together to deliver great products

Course Fees

Tuition: NT$2900
**10% discount for groups of four or more**
Note: payment instructions will be sent via email


MaiCoin HQ
No. 104, Section 1, Bade Rd, Zhongzheng District
(near Zhongxiao Xinsheng station)


Alex M Chong

Senior Product Strategist
& Design Educator

Taiwan Code Camp

Lowering barriers
to learning tech skills

Here's what the participants have said about the workshop:

The instructors explain concepts well and share lots of real-world examples.

Easy to follow and get an overall picture, even for a beginner

Systematic, business applications stated, cost factors mentioned

The small group aspect, allowing for in-depth discussion

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